Datacy · Iulen Ibáñez Baños

Iulen Ibáñez Baños | CEO

Professional with over 15 years experience in business management. My years as a consultant have given me exposure to different business models and given me the ability to identify areas of improvement. Combining this experience with my personal skills and the right tools, I develop data driven solutions to help take the right business decisions.

I specialize enabling business decision making through information analysis and data visualization. I walk my Clients through the entire journey from data point to business value.

Datacy · Ramiro Peña Briceño

Ramiro Peña Briceño | Data Scientist

Ramiro Peña brings more than 10 years experience in the financial management in different industries ranging from medical equipment to construction and services. His career is focused around digitalization and process automation.

He has strong experience in implementing management systems throughout the entire lifecycle, from concept to deployment. Results oriented and innovative, he is motivated to get the right insights from data and using visualization to help decision making.

Datacy · David Uría

David Uría | Business Development

Specialized in business analysis and identification and development of growth areas in products and services, with deep experience in Energy, Public Service and Retail. He is able to work in strategic activities - marketing, commercial, corporate as wellproject management and implementation.