How do we do it?

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Ask a question

At Datacy we believe that "there are no wrong answers, only wrong questions" Therefore, we devote time to understand the business and understand the data. In short, we precisely define the business problem and convert it into a data science problem.

Information sources definition

Once the questions that will lead us to resolving the business problem are established, we work to determine the information sources that will inform the model, as the entire project revolves around the data.

Building the working environment

With the data received from the company and complementing it with other external information, we define our working environment which is made up of primary and secondary variables.

Preparation of the data

Once the working environment is created, it is the time to apply science to the data and convert the information to a format that the algorithms can assimilate.

Obtaining the model

The machine learning algorithms allow us, based on the previously prepared and enriched data, to obtain a model that explains or predicts the behaviour of our business.


The model obtained through the algorithm is translated into business decisions/recommendations.

Continuous improvement

The work methodology is an iterative workflow with continuous feedback.

Datacy · Continuous improvement

Security - confidentiality

At Datacy we are very aware of the value of the data and we are extremely rigorous in maintaining its confidentiality. We never transfer our customers' data to third parties (unless agreed with the customer in the contract for, for example, mass processing in the cloud) and, in the case of working with personal data, this is pseudonymised first.