Cross 3 Beaches is one of the most attractive races in the popular race calendar in Donostia – San Sebastián.
Since 2014 this race was seeing decreased registrations and the new leadership took on the challenge of maxing out registrations in 2019.


  • Make promotions to those athletes with most consecutive participations
  • Tailor pricing according to the number of editions in which they had participated
  • Motivation campaigns for athletes using their best timings in previous
  • Extract relevant information to support capturing new sponsors, offering average age of participants, their exact origins and trends in the last years, etc.
  • Maxing out registrations (3.000)


  • Advanced data analytics
  • Data modelling
  • Participants clustering
  • Personalized communications


Registrations maxed

increased by 67%

Satisfied loyal public through the recognition received from the organization

In the 2019 edition of the 3 beaches cross we partnered with Datacy to carry a fundamental activity for our organization: The collection, structuring and value extraction of data from previous editions. Thanks to their work we managed to reach the limit in registrations. Datacy offered us tools and professional advice to maximize the value in our product thanks to data management

Íñigo Díaz de Cerio - Responsible Cross 3 Playas