Train Ayra Cardan staff in data analysis methodologies and tools to achieve reduced processing times and greater knowledge of their processes.


  • Knowledge of specific data analysis tools
  • Knowledge of specific data visualization tools
  • Knowledge of data analysis methodologies
  • Automated report generation
  • Data analysis time reduction
  • Establishment of a methodology to improve internal processes


  • Tailor-made in-company training
  • Advanced data analytics
  • Data modeling
  • Data visualization
  • Resolution of Ayra Cardan's own practical cases


3 people trained

+50% reduction in commercial analysis times

Creation of "culture of analysis" and new approaches in advanced data analytics

We contacted Datacy because we needed support in the efficient treatment of all the daily control data of the plant. It has provided us with the necessary tools to automate all repetitive tasks and dedicate time to tasks that generate added value and require human analysis. We continue to work to implement further improvements in order to increase performance and advance continuous improvement.

Nerea Uría - Commercial Department (Dana Spicer Ayra Cardan)